Fire starter | 32 Cubes Natural

Product only available for purchase when ordering a pallet of coal bags.

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Barbecue – Fireplace
Compressed wood
Odourless and petroleum-free
Long term

Technical specifications

Cubes 32
Origin Made in the E.U.
Composition Wood compressed with paraffin wax
Combustion > 7 minutes
Sawdust Produced from recovered sawdust
Does not contain any substances classified as hazardous


Characteristics of the case and palletisation

Case dimensions H 20cm * W 14cm * D 3cm
24 UVC per box
80 boxes per pallet
1920 UVC per pallet
Type of Europe pallet (exchange pallet on collection)
Pallet dimensions 0m80 * 1m20
Pallet height 1m70
Gross pallet weight ± 430 kilos