Coal process

By using only oak and chestnut, Industrie Bois Rousseau has opted to specialise in Label A charcoal. This hardwood-only charcoal, 99% oak, complies with AFNOR standard NF EN 1860-2. It has been completely cleaned and dusted.

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On this site, 4 hectares of wood are stored, for a total of 8 hectares of wood storage. 2 years ahead of schedule for charcoal production, making it possible to carbonise a dry raw material. It is entirely cleaned and dust-free.

Shuttle bringing the wood to the cutting station.

All the wood is deposited on this station, which cuts it between 25 and 30 cm.

Bark and sawdust are then removed by a sorter to completely clean the wood before carbonisation. Once the vats have been filled, they are placed in a dryer for 4 hours at 100 degrees Celsius, to ensure superior cooking quality.


The only process of its kind in France today, it generates no external pollution and is very clean for staff and the environment. In exceptional working conditions in a building without high outside temperatures. Complete smouldering without igniting the wood at the start, it is only the temperature of the kiln that carbonises the wood. The temperature of the furnace is determined by the wood gases and fumes, which are incinerated at 1,000 degrees and recovered to allow the temperature of the wood vats to rise to between 600 and 700 degrees.

This recycling system for charcoal production is currently unique in France and environmentally friendly. (Pyrolysis cooking).
Once the vats have been removed from the furnaces, they are placed on a bed of sand for between 40 and 50 hours to allow the coal to cool completely. We have to rotate 120 vats between cutting, drying, cooking and cooling.

After 50 hours of cooling, the vats are emptied into a covered building so that the coal remains in the open air for 24 hours before being bagged (to avoid any risk of reignition).

Last stage

The coal is picked up by a machine that transports it to a sorting machine, which transforms it into the right calibre and removes all the dust and broken coal. The graded coal is then stored in a large silo before being bagged.


A charcoal that ignites instantly with excellent, consistent temperature performance.

Automated bagging with a production of 8,000 bags per day.

A unique demonstration in France that proves the quality of charcoal, with the result that the wood is just reduced in weight and volume, proof of its quality.

A large stock in a closed building, enabling us to respond instantly to deliveries during the season, as the charcoal works in 3 shifts, 7 days a week all year round.

Annual production of 10,000 tonnes.

For breeding or decoration

Design your exterior

Get ready for summer!