Rousseau charcoal is made from oak and chestnut from sawmill and logging by-products (high-quality raw material guaranteed to be untreated wood). So we don’t destroy any forests to make charcoal, just salvage wood that has no further use.

Bag of Charcoal from Périgord

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Made in France

Charcoal – Guaranteed untreated wood – Large pieces – Hard wood – Very easy to light

Charcoal bags for barbecues made in France

Thanks to a carbonisation system based on pyrolysis, without oxygen and without igniting the wood (carbonisation at 700°), we obtain a charcoal with rapid ignition and a very high calorific value.

This process, which is unique in France, is environmentally friendly. This fully purified and calibrated charcoal complies with standard NF EN 1860-2.

You need to have a clean barbecue and grill, pour in the charcoal gently and use a special barbecue lighter.

For your safety:

As soon as the embers are red, the coal is ready. To avoid igniting it with the cooking waste, you can slide something to satisfy your appetite onto one side.

Now it's up to you to take action!
Enjoy grilled meats with a natural flavour!

Made in France

Sustainable management

Our products are Made In France and PEFC-10-31-220 certified.

Ecological commitment

Our coal is made from recycled wood

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