Entreprise Rousseau

About us

Founded in 1958 by Rémy Rousseau, the company originally specialised in the manufacture of vine stakes. From the 1980s onwards, after the second generation (Rémy’s four sons) took over, production diversified (trellising, fence posts, purchase of a sawmill, etc.) and mechanised, moving from small-scale to industrial production.



Rémy Rousseau sets up his vineyard stakes business


Creation of SARL Rousseau et fils (Rémy Rousseau and his 4 sons) and the charcoal business


Diversification of chestnut products (posts, fencing, etc.) Start of partnership with Van Vliet (Holland)


Creation of the new fencing plant


Installation of new carbonisation furnaces


Robin Rousseau and Vincent Chatenet take over the company.

Forestry exploitation

Industrie Bois Rousseau owns a large forest that is managed on a long-term basis with a constant concern for profitability and the environment. It has its own equipment for the entire farm.

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Mechanised with a machine specially adapted to our regions to cut and stack chestnut wood, which is not an easy task.

We also use our own resources, with very high-performance equipment for our profession and region, because we have very rugged terrain.

The wood is stored by the roadside so that semi-trailers can pick up the raw material and take it back to the factory.

ROUSSEAU’s strength lies in its high-performance equipment, which enables it to work in optimum conditions. This enables us to be present on the ground every day, and to respond immediately to demand.

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