PEFC France

By supplying its sites by its own means, directly from the forest to the factory, Industrie Bois Rousseau is able to operate on a just-in-time basis that meets the speed requirements of today’s market.

A fleet of lorries with specialised equipment for transporting wood, the real spearhead of our company, ensures all types of delivery throughout France and now the European Community.

The PEFC brand

Always mindful of respect for the environment, since 2003 our company has been committed to promoting sustainable management through the use of the PEFC France mark (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).

This programme plays an active role in combating deforestation and preserving the biodiversity of our forests.

This means that the origin of the wood used is controlled.

The implementation of a chain of custody ensures the traceability and reliability of PEFC France-certified products from the forest to the finished product, including all stages of processing and marketing of the wood product.

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